SAPO Trust is a partnership owned by the five primary industry associations in the deciduous fruit industries. It is governed by a board of trustees who has been appointed by these associations.


SAPO Trust's trustees are represented by an official from each of the five deciduous fruit industries, respectively, the general manager: SAPO Trust, an independent chairman, BEE representative and a Nursery representative.


SAPO Trust is owned by five deciduous fruit grower associations, with a 20% share portion allocated to each:

  • South African Stone Fruit Producer's Association (SASPA)
  • South African Apple and Pear Producer's Association (SAAPPA)
  • SA Table Grape Industry (SATI)
  • Dried Fruit Technical Services (DFTS)
  • Canning Fruit Producer's Association (CFPA)


SAPO Trust is managed by a General Manager and assisted by a Financial Manager and three Business Unit Managers (Production, Nursery and Innovation and Support services), to utilise the core plant improvement functions. Services such as finances, security, certain maintenance tasks and information technology are outsourced.