Business Description

SAPO Trust (SAPO) is Business Trust owned by the five primary industry associations in the deciduous fruit industries. It is governed by a Board of Trustees who has been appointed by these associations.

As an industry organization SAPO offers distinct benefits to its clients, which include amongst others access to a wide network of statkeholders, nurseries, producers, etc. Owned by grower associations and serving the wider fruit industry in South Africa, SAPO places a key focus on serving the needs of the grower with relevant, cost effective, and meaningful solutions aimed at improrving the competitiveness of the grower and the sector at large. 

SAPO values the relationship with public stakeholders and has a high regard for its close working relationships with government, the academic fraternity, research instutions and  organizations aimed at advancing the position of South Africa in the global landscape.



 SAPO Trust is owned by five deciduous fruit grower associations:

  • Hortgro Stone
  • Hortgro Pome
  • South African Table Grape Industry (SATGI)
  • Raisins South Africa (Raisins SA)
  • Canning Fruit Producer’s Association (CFPA)


The Board of  Trustees serves as the Accounting Aunthority of the organization and consists out of the following representatives:

An Independent Chairman, 5 Shareholder representatives, 2 Independent Farmers, 1 Nursery representative and the Chief Executive Officer. 

Top Management

The Chief Executive Officer is the Accounting Officer of the organization and is supported by four Senior Managers being the: Business Unit Manager: Production, Business Unit Manager: Nursery Services, Business Unit Managers: Pathology and the Business Unit Manager: Variety Development & Intellectual Property (IP).

Support Services are outsourced to an in-house Finance department, a contracted Human Resources Practioner and an independant Information Technology (IT) service provider.