SAPO Trust is a partnership owned by the five primary industry associations in the deciduous fruit industries. It is governed by a board of trustees who has been appointed by these associations.


SAPO Trust's trustees are represented by an official from each of the five deciduous fruit industries, respectively, the general manager: SAPO Trust, an independent chairman, BEE representative and a Nursery representative.


SAPO Trust is owned by five deciduous fruit grower associations, with a 20% share portion allocated to each:

  • South African Stone Fruit Producer's Association (SASPA)
  • South African Apple and Pear Producer's Association (SAAPPA)
  • SA Table Grape Industry (SATI)
  • Dried Fruit Technical Services (DFTS)
  • Canning Fruit Producer's Association (CFPA)


SAPO Trust is managed by a Chief Executive Officer who also serves as Managing Trustee of the organisation. He is supported by a General Manager: Operations, Procurement and Intellectual Property, a Business Unit Manager: Production, a Business Unit Manager: Nursery Services, and a Financial Manager. These roles utilise the core plant improvement functions. Services such as finances, security, certain maintenance tasks and information technology are outsourced.