Phytosanitary Plant Improvement

  • Establishment, management and maintenance of plant inprovement material (Nucleus, foundation, mother, evaluation and rootstocks blocks)
  • Testing for profiles of harmful viruses / pathogens
  • Selections against physical symptoms of bacterial diseases on stone and pome fruit
  • Virus elimination
  • Clone registrations

Genetic Plant Improvement

  • Selection of best quality plant material
  • True-to-type control
  • Quarantine inspections
  • Quarantine and nursery inspections

Propagation of Plant Material

  • Green wood and/or cartonage propagation
  • Propagation of winter wood
  • Distribution of certified plant material to nurseries
  • Propagation of vines and trees via nurseries
  • Registration of mother blocks
  • Propagation of rootstocks ( seeds, clonal and tissue culture)

 Intellectual Property Management

  • Registration of plant breeders' rights, trade marks and variety listing
  • Importation of plant material from abroad
  • Management of intellectual property (Contracts, collection of tree and production royalties and trade mark responsibilities)

Nursery Services

  • Supply rootstocks to nurseries
  • Propagate Phase 3 (semi-commercial) trees
  • Propagate trees for exclusive contracts
  • Propagate plant improvement trees and vines. ( Nucleus, foundation, evaluation, mother and scion block trees and vines)
  • Propagate commercial trees. (Not more than 4% of the total industry trees per annum).